Klinkt als…

Klinkt als….

‘‘Wat zoudt u later willen worden, my dear friend?’
‘Are you addressing me, my dear Sir?’
‘I am, old chap. I am.’
‘Very well then, my friend. I would like to be remembered as having contributed to a wingtip.’

‘That’s great. Certainly, wingtips are great…’
‘They are! And they get the highest speeds.’
‘They do. But only after the props!’
‘My goodness…. Props. Sure they are great. But props are none of our business.’
‘I’m afraid I have to agree with you.’

‘How about you, Sir? What is your ambition?’
‘My ambition? For heaven’s sake. The nose gear strut fairing it is.’
‘Good gracious!’
‘As close to the prop as one can possibly get.’

‘To be squeezed into oblivion.
To give way to a woman’s hand….’


Tekst: Moleskine

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